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YLB700 Mobile Asphalt Plant

·  Model: YLB700

·  Product Capacity: 60 t/h

·  Mixer Capacity: 700 kg/batch

·  Highlights:
Mobile plant, easy for installation, fast relocation;
Batch mix, precise screening, accurate weighing.


YLB Series mobile asphalt mixing plant is developed, designed, manufactured and put on sale by Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery. It inherits the advantages of LB series asphalt batch mixing plant, and adds new elements including: containerized size, modular design and trailer and mobile chassis which make it possible for container transportation, fast mobilization and relocation.

YLB Mobile Asphalt Plant is designed for small and medium-sized pavement project which need frequent relocation. Complete plant can be dismantled and reinstalled in 5 days (not including the transportation period).


Product advantges


1. Drying drum module

①. Adopts four sets of famous powerful direct-connected gear motors to drive the drying drum;

②. Optimized blades make the drying process more balance with higher heat utilization rate;

③. Drying drum is covered by thermal insulation material and stainless steel skin to avoid heat loss;

④. Well calculated and carefully heat treated drying drum, world class bearings have long service life and stable performance.

2. Dust collecting module

①. Double dust collecting system, European emission standards;

②. Pulsating dust removal method, energy saving and efficient;

③. Durable key components;

④. Safety protection, intelligent inspection.

4. Vibrating screen

①. Sturdy and durable, high intensity and remarkable screening effect;

②. Screen mesh easy to maintain and replace, time saving;

③. Frequency and amplitude perfectly matched, over 95% grading precision, competent to any severe working situation, high temperature resistance and excellent productivity;

④. Best design to guarantee the best screening result.

a. Adopts self-synchronizing driving technology, maintenance-free and environmental;

b. Patent enhanced drivable bridge structure design, tough and protective for screening components;

c. Famous vibrating motor.

5.Mixing tower module

①. Simulating optimization of material mixing movement speed;

②. Ensures each batch is totally and equally mixed with 25% mixing efficiency enhancement and 20% energy consumption reduction;

③. High productivity double-shaft mixer








60 t/h

80 t/h

120 t/h

160 t/h

Mixer Capacity  

700 kg/batch

1000 kg/batch

1500 kg/batch

2000 kg/batch

Fuel Consumption

Diesel consumption: 5.5-7 kg/ton

Weighing Precision

Hot aggregate: ±0.5%; bitumen: ±0.3%; filler: ±0.2%

Hot Asphalt Temperature

130℃-165℃ (adjustable)

Air Emissions

≤ 20 mg/Nm³

Working Noise

≤ 70 db(A)


Full Auto/Manual Operation

Installation Power

157 kW

241 kW

330 kW

412 kW


220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable)

Plant Covering Area


35 m

40 m

40 m

42 m


26 m

28 m

32 m

32 m


15 m

15 m

16 m

16 m


Foundation drawings, Electric Circuit Diagram; Chinese-English Operation Manual; Qualification Certificate.

Product Parts

1. Cold aggregate feeding module


Cold aggregate feeding module


2. Drying drum module


drying drum module


3. Mixing tower module


Mixing tower module


4. Dust collection module


Dust collection module

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